Scandinavian Ugly Christmas Sweaters
A collection of illustrations and designs that have made it onto ugly Christmas sweaters.
Illustrator & designer: Danny Selvag
Gävlebocken (the Gävle goat) is a traditional Christmas display erected annually in the Swedish town of Gävle. Since 1966 people have tried to burn it down or destroy it by driving into it, shooting flaming arrows at it and even tried to airlift it with a helicopter.

Silly because Swedes love eating inlagd sill (pickled herring). Santa is enjoying all the different flavors in front of him.
From left to right: Gift sweater, Beer sweater, Aquavit sweater and Rakfisk sweater.
From left to right: Naughty/Nice, Reindeer, Rakfisk and Bad Santa
Made for Silly Santa

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